Drive-In Rave During A Pandemic

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Three months into the Coronavirus pandemic, with concerts and festivals slowly being canceled throughout the world, we were losing hope that we'd be able to feel the deep bass of the music, hugs and laughs with our friends and the soreness of our feet from hours of dancing anytime soon. That is until Insominac announced their tailgate series, Park N Rave with Seven Lions headlining and 3 other smaller DJs that took place in Chandler, Arizona in late June.

Insomniac Relentless Beats Park n Rave Concert Series Seven Lions

We were hesitant about attending a rave during a pandemic but after reading all the rules and regulations set in place, we wanted to give it a try and see if this was something that would be safe and eventually become the norm.

Park n Rave with Seven Lions in Chandler Arizona

First off, ticket prices are very affordable compared to pre-covid times. There were 3 pricing tiers, front, middle, and back section. And rather than buying tickets for each individual attendees, you are purchasing one car spot for as many people who can legally sit in a seat of your car. So if your vehicle can fit 7 people, and you pay $320 for a car space in the middle section, you could potentially split that with 6 of your friends. The car space you purchase is 28 x 30 feet which is big enough for your vehicle plus plenty of dancing space for you and your friends.

Security into the festival seemed a little relaxed with a quick visual scan of your trunk and ID check for all passengers. Once you're parked and situated in your car space, which is first come first served, they had security with sniffing dogs walk through the lots checking each car. While they do have food and drinks for sale, one of the benefits of a tailgate rave is that you are absolutely allowed to decorate your space however you want, and bring in your own food and drinks which also includes alcohol! Being able to do this in addition to the small fee you're already paying to get in makes drive-in drives totally affordable!

Golf carts that brings your order at the Park n Rave in Chandler Arizona

The organizers did a fantastic job implementing and enforcing social distancing measures by providing a huge car space for each raving vehicle along with limited contact purchases. If you want to purchase something from the merchandise store or make a food/drink purchase, all you have to do is order it through your phone via their app/website, provide them with your car spot number and staff members drive their little carts and delivers it directly to you! Having experienced long lines at the merch and food stands during pre-covid times, this is one of the best things to happen to a festival!

While I did not use their toilet facilities which were porta-potties lined alongside each row of car spaces, I heard from others that they were kept very clean with hardly any lines to use them. The production itself was just as good as any rave, even if you weren't right up front, the sound systems were set up so that you can enjoy the music wherever you are at the festival grounds.

Group photo of ravers at the Park n Rave in Chandler Arizona

Overall, we had a very fun experience at our first drive-in rave and would love to see more of these in the future, and as with any new concept, we expect to see improvements to make the experience more enticing as we embrace a new way to rave with our friends and favorite DJs.

Have you been to a festival since the pandemic? Have you been to one of the Drive-In raves? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comment below.

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