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Traveling is so much fun especially when you're traveling with a group of your favorite girls! Imagine you and your girlfriends sitting on the beach, sipping on cocktails, and watching the hot boys run by without worrying about your jealous and overprotective significant other nearby staring you down. Sounds great, right?

Going on a girl's trip is a way for the ladies to let loose, have a stress-free, fun and safe time with your girls, but it doesn't always work out perfectly. Being prepared and open-minded when traveling with a bunch of hormonal ladies can be challenging unless you go into it well prepared! Here are some Do's and Don't when going on a girl's trip!


Group of girls on their laptop planning a trip


I recently helped planned a Europe trip with two of my girlfriends. Because I am a more experienced traveler, I offered to help seek out and book our airfare and accommodations so that I can get us the best deals. Giving someone the lead role is important because if you are traveling with a bigger group than I did with this trip, you will have more Coaches than Players, which will usually turn into a mess. So appoint one person who is willing to take the lead and be there to listen to all suggestions and recommendations from the group.

I am by far a strict hour by hour planner, but I do like to have an idea of when we're flying, where we are staying and what type of activities we want to do so that I can look ahead and see how much we can save.


If you are one of those people who won't compromise or budge when it comes to disagreements, then group travel is probably not a good idea. The girls and I went into this with the understanding that there are THREE different minds and personalities in this group. No one is superior to the other, so we needed to always stay open-minded when there is a decision that needs to be made. When it came to accommodations, I am a super budget traveler, I love staying at hostels, whether it's staying in a dorm or getting a private room, I prefer to spend the least amount possible for accommodations than my girlfriends. Knowing this, I made sure to give them a few options from dorm rooms and private rooms at hostels to private rooms or entire homes through Airbnb. To my surprise, my girlfriends who had never stayed in a dorm room at a hostel both agreed to try it out at one of the five destinations we were traveling to! And in the end, they both really enjoyed the experience and were willing to continue booking dorm-style rooms.

Group of girls dining together on a girls trip


Yes, you want someone to take charge but there will be times during the trip where you will have to collectively make a decision. One major decision that always comes up is WHERE TO EAT! Nothing is more annoying than having one person make ALL the decisions, so make sure to chime in every so often and give your input. This way your friends can't say you never contribute to anything. The most vocal ones are usually ones with dietary restrictions, so do keep that in mind when deciding a restaurant for the group. Even if you are the most easy-going person in the world, I'm sure you can think of a time when you didn't feel like having pizza but instead wanted fried chicken, but because you didn't want to speak up, you ended up having pizza with your friends and probably regretted every bite. So don't put yourself in that position again.


Disagreements will happen, especially when you have to see the same group of people every day for a week, or 2 or a month! If your friends do something that bothers you, make sure to communicate with them especially if it's something major or if it's really just you being hormonally inbalance at the moment, then walk away and take time to yourself. Whatever you do, do not let this get in the way of your trip! Communication is key or else don't let the little things bother you. Just remember, you're not perfect either and there may be things you do that bother your friends.

A tireed girl sleeping on the bed during her girls trip


As much as you want to do and see everything you can when traveling, keep in mind that traveling can take a toll on your body. Jetlag, illness, lack of sleep, can ruin a trip if you do not take care of your well being. So make sure to get enough rest during your trip, drink plenty of water and try not to cram every hour with activities. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a bed sick while the rest of your friends are out exploring.


We all want to look our best when traveling, of course, you have to look great for the Instagram pictures, right? While being fashionable is great if you are more concerned with pleasing your social media audience, but do be considerate of the inconveniences of overpacking. Most people who overpack tend to have to check a bag, which means wait times or worst, lost luggage! There is nothing worse than not having any clothes for days or even the whole duration of your trip! Communicate with your girlfriends about your plans during the trip, will you be dining at fancy restaurants? Going to bars with strict dress codes? Will there be a lot of walking? If you and your girlfriends can swap clothes during the trip or share bathroom essentials, do delegate who should bring what. No need for everyone to bring a hair straightener if only one person can bring one to share, right?

A girl walking alone in the dark on a girls trip


As you would anywhere you go, always be cautious of your surroundings and always make sure you and your girlfriends know your whereabouts during the trip. If one of you has to take off on your own for a bit, make sure to let each other know. Perhaps have your GPS locator on during that time as well. When you're out drinking at night, never let your girlfriends drunkenly take off with a stranger. Although it's easy to say nothing will happen, or everything will totally fine, not your girlfriends alone with a stranger is the best way to prevent anything bad from happening. Unless you have an agreement and are absolutely comfortable with it, then use your best judgment and make sure to take down all the necessary information.

Have you been on a girl's trip with success or disastrous? Share your stories below or give us a tip you have to a successful girl's trip!

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