What Does It Mean To Be A Digital Nomad?

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What is a Digital Nomad? And why is everyone talking about it? Since 2020 when the pandemic introduced the world to the reality of working from home, it's becoming clear that the need to go into a physical office is no longer necessary. Along with the rise of inflation, more workers are realizing that they also don't need to live in an expensive area if they have a remote job and work from anywhere in the world, becoming a digital nomad. So what does it mean to be a digital nomad?


digital nomad working on the laptop by the pool


What Is A Digital Nomad?

The definition of a digital nomad is a location-independent person who works remotely on their computer while traveling the world.

While most people believe that all digital nomads work in tech, this is far from the truth.  Indeed, a lot of software engineers who work mostly from their laptops are digital nomads, there are so many other types of jobs that will allow you to work remotely such as social media marketing, accounting, virtual assistance, to name a few. 


What Are The Essentials Of Being A Digital Nomad?

The essentials of being a digital nomad doesn't start with gears and gadgets, but rather your ability.  The most important thing you need as a digital nomad is the ability to earn income to support your travels.  You can indeed save quite a bit of money earning a good income while staying in lower cost-of-living cities, but it's important to understand the balance of traveling versus working, so ensuring that you always have a source of income should be a priority.

Another essential you need to be a digital nomad is having good travel planning skills. Unless you are traveling with a partner who can help with this, you should have a good understanding of travel logistics and set aside time to plan ahead of time. With Covid and vaccination restrictions, being up-to-date with all travel regulations is very important so that you don't find yourself stuck in a city longer than you want to. 


free wifi sign in taipei


Stable Wifi. Let's face it, you can't work remotely from a laptop if you don't have wifi to send your work to the necessary places on the interwebs. Most digital nomads will research the places they are trotting off to ensure there will be stable wifi, whether it'd be at their accommodation or accessible working space. You don't want to jet off to a remote beach thinking you have found the perfect Instagrammable location then realize that there is little to no high speed internet, so make sure you do your research!

Final Note 

Some of the other essentials will be subjective based on your personal needs. But there is no perfect list for you to study, being a digital nomad will require lots of research and experience.

Remember, this is a lifestyle, and it's not for everyone. 


What do you think about being a Digital Nomad? Are you already one or want to be one? Please tell us and comment below!

This site may contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.