Why CRSSD Is Our Favorite Small Festival

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If you haven't heard of CRSSD Festival, you're not alone. Or if you have, you've probably experienced it.

vCRSSD Festival debuted in 2015, a 2 day festival in San Diego showcasing mostly underground sounds with a sprinkle of some major artists of various genres.

Now in 2020, CRSSD Fest happens twice a year, dubbed CRSSD Spring and CRSSD Fall, during March and September of each year, with lineups as good as the previous one. In the Spring of 2020, it will have been our 5th CRSSD event at a price point of $160, including tax and fees, this is one of our favorite small festivals.


Sunset at the Ocean View stage at CRSSD Festival in San Diego


CRSSD is held at San Diego's Waterfront Park with amazing views of the marina and almost perfect weather for an outdoor event. With 3 stages strategically placed to prevent music overlap, it's easy to find your way around the festival grounds.


The traffic getting to and from the festival can get a little tricky being that it's so close to the airport and downtown San Diego, so most festival-goers stay at nearby hotels and walk to and from the festival.


Tickets for this festival is one of the most affordable for a 2-day festival, and while it has become one of the most popular ones in Southern California, one of the best things this festival producer does that most others don't is give its alumni the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance of the general sale and at a lower rate, which is a nice savings for frequent festival attendees.

CRSSD Festival Spring 2020 flyer


While the genre of the festival is mostly house and techno, you'll occasionally find an off genre artist sprinkled into the mix. Artists like The Flaming Lips, Billie Elish, Miike Snow, and Empire of the Sun have all made an appearance.

As mentioned above, the lineup has consistently been top-notch year after year, hence why it's been a favorite festival for house and techno lovers.

Sunset and view of the vendors at CRSSD festival


Good food at festivals are hard to come by but CRSSD has done a great job curating some of the best food vendors for their event. While the price is comparable to most festival food purchases, it's worth it to have sustenance for hours of dancing.

There are no in and outs at this festival, which means once you're inside, you can't freely leave and come back. So pre-gaming is essential at this festival but once your buzz dissipates, you can still continue imbibing with all the beverage options they offer there. Similar to the pricing of the food, alcohol prices range from $10 for a tall can of beer up to $18 for premium liquor.

CRSSD after dark spring 2020 flyer


One of the best perks of this festival are the after-parties which takes place throughout the city the entire weekend. So once the festival ends around midnight, you can continue the fun and head to one of the ticketed parties.


The crowd at CRSSD is on the mature side and is very chill compared to the mainstream events. Everyone is there to listen to good music and have a good time, so you won't find too many narcissistic behaviors.

What festival is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comment below!

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