Wine Country South of the Border

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Ocean, sun, ceviche and...yes, wine!

Back in 2014, we visited a small beach town in Baja California, Mexico known as Rosarito. We drove across the border on a whim during Memorial Weekend in May and got a room through Airbnb. When we arrived just 30 minutes passed the border, we were greeted by a friendly American who offered us margaritas, Tecates and red wine. While most everyone requested for the first two obvious beverage of choice, I opted for the wine. When I took the first sip of this delicious mild and sweet red blend, our host excitedly told me that the wine was from the wine country just 30-40 minutes south of Rosarito!

Couple months later, after some intensive research, we booked a weekend stay for our anniversary at a quaint Bed & Breakfast right in the heart of Mexico's wine country, also known as Valle de Guadalupe. We quickly became friends with the owners and its staff at this Casa Encinares and a year later, we had an amazing wedding weekend with 50 of our closest friends filled with tequila, wine, sangrias, and tacos!

The Amazing Nuptials at Casa Encinares 2015

Throughout these past few years, we have had the opportunity to visit some of the most amazing wineries we have ever seen. Not that we are professionals in this field, neither a wine sommelier or master of architectural design, but we certainly appreciate uncommon beauty.

A majority of the wineries here in Mexico, not only produce delicious wine, but harbor some uniquely designed tasting rooms and restaurants that brings admirations by its visitors. Some of the architecture would likely never pass the harsher building codes required by the neighbors north of the border, but in Mexico, if you have the man power and money to build it, they will.

Adobe Guadalupe

To see our first hand experiences at some of these wineries, please visit our Videos page and watch some of our Mexico travel vlogs.

We end this simple introduction to one of our favorite weekend getaways with just one word...GO!